We want patients to have a voice.  Patient and staff feedback help provide awareness of service barriers and assists us to improving our effectiveness.  The Lifeline Connections’ Grievance resolution process is a collaborative opportunity to assist in refining processes.  Upon request, Lifeline Connections staff member(s) are available to assist in the completion of Grievance Forms.

To file a formal grievance in English complete the Grievance Form.  To file a formal grievance form in Spanish complete the Grievance Form-Spanish.

Completed forms can be given to a staff member or emailed to

Corporate Compliance:

Lifeline Connections is committed to providing quality behavioral health care and staff training in compliance with all state and federal laws and regulations.  To that end, we strive to maintain a robust corporate compliance program. Staff and patients are encouraged to prevent, detect, respond to and resolve conduct that does not conform to aforementioned laws and Lifeline’s code of conduct. Please help us to be our best by reporting any noncompliance using the Compliance Incident Form.

Lifeline Connections Survey:

To help us succeed in meeting and/or exceeding patient and community partner expectations we value all feedback.  Please take a few moments to tell us how we are doing and where we can improve.  Thank you for your time.

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