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Lifeline Connections COVID-19 Emergency Response Fund

Are you worried about the impact of COVID-19 on people with behavioral health disorders? Is someone you love feeling hopeless or fearful? It can be easy to lose hope when nothing seems certain except more uncertainty. Yet if you look closely, glimmers of hope and resilience appear all around. And did you know?

“The typical response to disaster is RESILIENCE, rather than disorder” –Washington Department of Health

Your support of people with behavioral health disorders is more important than ever! You can be part of building resilience and spreading hope at Lifeline Connections.  Your donations will purchase essential items and services for our patients, staff, and organization. Thank you!


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Please give what you are able – every gift helps!         


Review our Donor Privacy Policy to learn how we safeguard your personal information and honor your wishes for recognition, and our Gift Acceptance Policy to learn more about ways you can support us. Lifeline Connections is a GuideStar Exchange Gold Participant and a Better Business Bureau Accredited Charity. To view our most recent IRS Form 990, please visit our profile on GuideStar by clicking on the icon below

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“I really appreciate the consistent telephone contact. It shows you guys really care about us.” -patient receiving telehealth treatment

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