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Find your road map to recovery

The moment you call us for help, your quest for healing begins. Whether you’re seeking treatment for yourself or a loved one, we’ll guide you every step of the way with warmth and compassion.

Before we can help you move forward, we need to know where you’re at. Your initial assessment will give us a clear picture of how we can help. Stop by one of our locations to receive a mental health or substance use disorder assessment.

All assessments are by appointment and being conducted via telehealth at all locations.

Contact your preferred location Today!

Main Campus Office (Vancouver):
By appointment only, (360) 397-8246
Youth – By appointment only (360) 553-9157

Aberdeen Office:
By appointment only, (360) 787-9319

Bellingham Office:
By appointment only, (360) 922-3030 – substance use only

Mt. Vernon Office:
By appointment only, (360) 399-6900 substance use only

Orchards Office (East Vancouver) Temporarily Closed for Remodel:
By appointment only, (360) 984-5511 – mental health only

We accept most forms of insurance—find out what your coverage includes.

Next, we’ll design a custom treatment plan that meets your unique needs. You’ll have an array of specialized services available to you, all reviewed by the Federal Government’s Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration and grounded in evidence-based practices. In many of our programs, you’ll also get to work with a recovery coach, which has been nationally proven to support success.


Healing starts here

Recovery looks different for everyone. Depending on your needs, your journey could include:

  • Detox
    Free your body from addictive chemicals in a safe setting. Compassionate voices and steadfast care will sustain you through the detox process. When you’re ready, we’ll offer pathways for continuing your recovery.
  • Residential
    Focus on finding wholeness. Within our nurturing facility, you’ll be surrounded by people who care deeply about your journey. It’s a place where you can cut out distractions and commit your attention to healing.
  • Substance Use Disorder Outpatient
    Integrate recovery into your daily life. With our outpatient program, you can continue to work and live at home while you develop the skills to free yourself from mood-altering substances.
  • Mental Health/Co-Occurring Outpatient
    Get to the root of the problem. Substance use and mental illness usually go hand-in-hand—the key to staying sober is to treat both. Our mental health team provides holistic treatment to help you achieve balance.
  • Pregnant and Parenting Women’s Program
    This program allows mothers to keep children birth to five with them during their treatment.  Women can begin substance use treatment during their pregnancy, deliver their baby, and return to treatment without disruption. Children receive therapeutic childcare while mom is learning how to manage her disease of addiction and picking up parenting skills.
  • Medication-Assisted Treatment
    Free yourself from prescription painkillers. When opioid addiction becomes all-consuming, medication-assisted treatment can help you seize control of your life again. Medication-assisted treatment can also assist you if you are struggling with alcoholism. Our outpatient program gives you the support you need.
  • Deaf and Hard of Hearing Outpatient Treatment
    You’re not in this alone. Experience treatment with individuals in the deaf community who understand your unique needs. We’re one of just a few programs in the nation. Treatment services are conducted using American Sign Language.


            Your journey is just beginning. We’ll help you take those first steps toward recovery—and the next ones.

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