Therapeutic Specialty Courts

Treatment turns lives around

Those in the judicial system often need hope—not jail time. When individuals choose to seek help instead of going to jail or facing more legal issues, local courts refer them to us. Our highly skilled and caring staff assesses each patient to determine a custom therapy and treatment services plan. Throughout treatment, we attend court regularly to advocate for our patients and underscore the progress they’re making.

Deferred Sentence

Seeking treatment allows participants to defer jail or prison time—or keep charges off their records. Our counselors and case managers work as part of a larger court team, alongside attorneys and probation officers, to help participants complete their treatment. We work with patients referred by:

  • Substance Abuse Court, a program of the Clark County District Court.
  • Drug Court, a program of the Clark County Superior Court.
  • Family Treatment Court, a program of the Clark County Superior Court.

Child Custody

We help parents work to regain custody of their children. When custody has been lost to drug use, our treatment services can help participants achieve stability in their lives. Our case managers work with patients referred by the Clark County Superior Court’s Family Treatment Court.

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“Thank you for unlocking the doors to my future and helping me to realize my full potential, for believing in me when I couldn’t.”

– Dallas S.