What to Expect in Medication-Assisted Treatment

This is how recovery starts

Once you walk through our doors, you’re on your way to a new life. But healing doesn’t happen overnight; it happens one step at a time. So does our treatment program.

STEP 1-Get an assessment

Once you have determined you are ready to make a change, come into our Open Access assessment times. They are offered.

Monday – Thursday noon – 3:30 pm

The assessment will determine your treatment level of care and make a MAT referral, if needed.

STEP 2-Have Orientation

MAT orientation is held Monday – Friday from 1:00-2:00 pm. This informative session provides details about the program as well as the paperwork needed to get the process started.

STEP 3-Meet a Medical Provider

When the referral has been approved by our medical team you will be scheduled a time to meet with the provider. The doctor will review your addiction history and the two of you together will determine the best medication to help you be successful in your recovery.

STEP 4-Medication Appointments

The medical provider visits become less frequent and as you move through the program. Observed urine drug screens are required before each medical visit and randomly as assigned.

Here’s what we expect from you

  • Attend all scheduled appointments
  • Refrain from using all illicit drugs
  • Attend treatments groups
  • Provide urine drug screens at each appointment as well as at random times
  • Provide medication when requested for random pill counts
  • Communicate with a doctor about any medication changes